The Chinese-Canadian pop’s stars new album Antares was wreaking havoc on several Top 10 lists until the possibility of fraudulence was brought to Apple’s attention courtesy Ariana’s fans. They conducted their own thorough investigation into the matter, deciding to nullify his numbers on account of a non-egregious error, not theUnfortunately, the ruling came at the expense of Kri Wu’s total sales haul, Variety has reported. The first sign of a foul play came to light on social media when users pointed out Kris Wu’s typically spotty sales numbers outside of China. According to Insiders, the anomaly is best explained as a unique case of “supply in the U.S. meeting demand in China.” Kris Wu had intended for Antares to coincide with his birthday on November 6th, but the project was somehow leaked into space ahead of its release date. In other news, Ariana Grande will not debut her full project as rumored. She will instead spend a little more time tightening the nuts and bolts.