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Burna Boy Shades Nigerian Streaming Kings

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Burna Boy Shades Nigerian Streaming Kings

Burna Boy Shades Nigerian Streaming Kings

Burna Boy Shades Nigerian Streaming Kings: Burna Boy has one great talent for speaking out his mind irrespective of the consequences, and just yet and again, the singer has dropped a notion that many would definitely frown at and some welcome as the truth.

The singer just a couple of hours ago lashed out to music artistes who feel they are talented just because they get huge amount of online streams for their songs.

He said these artistes are actually a ‘joke‘ as the people who have “real working brains” will be vindicated just in a matter of time.

He wrote;

“This streaming shit be making peoplr think they are actually talented. If joke tings like “Baby Shark” and “Gagnam Style” can do more numbers than Everyone, Don’t think you’re talented or respected because of your streaming numbers.

“Everyone with a working brain knows what is a joke and what is real. Anyway plenty talk no dey full basket. Let time reveal all.”

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Many bloggers have been calling Wizkid and Davido as the main subject matter, who do you think Burna could be directing this message to?

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