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Cardi B Is Trying to Start Her Own TV Show

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Cardi B Is Trying to Start Her Own TV Show

Cardi B Is Trying to Start Her Own TV Show

Cardi B Is Trying to Start Her Own TV Show: Cardi B has plans to get to even more bags. The platinum-selling rapper just filed legal documents to secure the name Bocktails with Cardi B, TMZ reported on Wednesday (May 22).

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According to the documents, she wants the title for “entertainment services in the nature of providing ongoing episodes for distribution via television and the Internet featuring celebrities and artists.” She also wants to use it for merch, including everything from hoodies to dresses to footwear.

It seems like Cardi sees a line of liquor that would go perfectly with such a show as well. She’s also asking to use the name for “alcoholic beverages, except beer and beverages containing beer.” (Beer wouldn’t make much sense as a cocktail, after all.)

This follows recent news that Cardi had to pull out of the rest of the shows she had scheduled for May, as doctors told her to take a break so she could fully recover from her recent plastic surgery procedures. The rapper is experiencing someone swelling from the liposuction and breast augmentation, but she will be back on her feet soon.

In a statement, reps for Cardi assured fans she was merely “overzealous” in getting back to work so soon after surgery, and let fans know that in September, she will be making up the Memorial Day Weekend concert she was forced to postpone.

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