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Chris Brown Accused Of Cursing Woman’s Pre-Teen Son

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Chris Brown Accused Of Cursing Woman's Pre-Teen Son

Chris Brown Accused Of Cursing Woman’s Pre-Teen Son

Chris Brown Accused Of Cursing Woman’s Pre-Teen Son: Breezy and Desiigner both were celebrating their birthdays this weekend, so both artistes were out and about, having a best of times that they most likely won’t remember. It’s a good thing that Brown wasn’t anywhere near his home on Saturday evening, because according to reports, a woman attempted to break into his property.

TMZ claims that on Saturday evening, police responded to call that a strange woman and a pre-teen male were seen wandering around Brown’s property. They were also told that the woman threw something over a fence- – an item that was later identified as a Bible. When police arrived at the scene, they reportedly weren’t met with hostility, but instead, the woman was more than willing to share how Brown had cursed her family.

Law enforcement officials told TMZ that the woman accused Brown of hexing her son, so she traveled from Texas to confront the singer and remove the curse. She reportedly wanted Brown to lift the curse and that she tossed the Bible onto his property because she felt that it would help eliminate the bad vibes Brown allegedly sent her son’s way.

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Cops quickly assessed that the woman could be suffering from mental health issues, so they called in a psychiatric hold on her and took her son into protective custody.

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