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LAPD Wants To Meet With Chris Brown

 A source says “Chris is a chronic problem who takes up a tremendous amount of our resources.”

Chris Brown has had his share of legal issues, and according to a new report, San Fernando Valley cops want to work with the singer to resolve them. According to TMZ, the LAPD division that covers the Brown’s neighborhood is preparing to request a meeting with Chris, hoping that the conversation will convince him to change his ways and inspire fewer complaints from neighbors.

The report states that “noise, drugs, assaults, riding various vehicles recklessly” are among the disturbances that makes Chris what one source calls “a chronic problem who takes up a tremendous amount of our resources.”

As this is simply a request for dialogue, it’s up to Chris to decide whether he actually wants to take part in this conversation with the cops. 

A recent Billboard article suggested that Brown was experiencing a “downward spiral” of anger and drug addiction. Chris denied the claims of in a video address. “Y’all gotta stop with this angry shit, going through drugs and all this other shit,” he said. “I’m tired of reading about some shit as soon as I got something popping. Soon as I want to promote a tour, party, or a fucking album, anything, y’all bring up something.”

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