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Ntombi Ngcobo Mzolo Has The Moves

Ntombi Ngcobo Mzolo is unbeatable on the dance floor.

Given her musical background, we are not surprised at how Ntombi Ncgobo dances so well. Ntombi was part of a singing group with her sister and brothers called Amaponi. The group has since split but her family will always be known as that musical family.

Ntombi Ngcobo Mzolo comes from a background where both parents are in the musical industry. Her father is Ihhashelimhlophe and her mother is Ebony . The star recently lost her baby who was born with a rare heart condition in 2015 and as hard as that was for Ntombi and her family, she has since bounced back and is back with a bang.

If you know Ntombi then you know she loves to dance, take a look at her bending her back to Busiswa’s Gobisiqolo

It’s not the first time Ntombee served us with some dance moves, look at her move to Micasa’s Nana.

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