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Remy Ma’s “shETHER” Taken Off The Radio By Universal Music

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Remy Ma’s shETHER might turn into a pyrrhic victory.

On top of dealing with the fallout of Nicki Minaj’s comeback diss tracks, Remy Ma now has to deal with Universal Music Publishing. Apparently, “shETHER” has been yanked off Soundcloud and the radio.

TMZ say they caught up with Nas’ people who said he had no qualms with Remy using his beat for “ETHER.” They told the paparazzi that Universal Music, who owns the instrumentals to “ETHER,” blocked “shETHER” because Remy’s record label failed to pay for the copyright.

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Sources say she can’t even perform the track anymore. For now, the song is still available on iTunes and Spotify and is doing well. As for Nas, reports say he had no intention of stepping into the fray between Nicki and Remy. This comes as a major blow to the Bronx rapper seeing as Minaj dared her to drop a hit record in the next 72 hours.

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