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Samuel L. Jackson Watches Old People Recite His Most Vulgar Lines On Jimmy Kimmel

Samuel L. guesses what movie the lines are from.

Samuel L. Jackson is an undeniable acting GOAT, and he’s appeared in a ton of movies over his long career. In a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host decided to test Sam Jack on the knowledge of his own characters by having random people recite what may or may not be a line spoken by a Samuel L. Jackson character.

Watching random middle aged people recite incredibly vulgar lines is entertaining on its own, but Samuel L.’s reactions make it even better. Jackson either has a fantastic memory or he watches his own movies a lot, because he doesn’t miss a single guess. He even calls out which movie the lines are from some of the time. Watch the segment below and see if you can pick out which movies the hilarious lines are taken from.

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