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Tonto Dikeh Is A Rotten Egg!

Tonto Dikeh Is A Rotten Egg!

This Nigerian actress was born in the month of June, 1985. She is a renowned actress and some say a philanthropist. She did venture into music, we are yet unsure what she hoped to achieve with that but if it was trauma, she succeeded in traumatizing the poor masses. But her music career is not why we are here.

She was once married to Churchill who she accused of battering her on a regular and cheating on her. She also claimed he took no responsibility of their son, amongst other vices. She has always had a flair for being in the spotlight in all ways but positive. The drama queen once subbed her fellow actress Mercy Johnson of marrying a broke man that sent her back to work immediately she gave birth. She didn’t fail to call the child ugly too.

After her marriage crashed, she turned a “supposed” new leaf and became an evangelist, making videos of herself kabashing. How more vain could she be? After turning a new leaf, she went ahead to carry out a plastic surgery claiming she was ashamed of her body. For someone that ashamed of her body, she was too willing to show the world her unclad self. The internet is crawling with pictures of her naked. An evangelist she claims, maybe the bible posits that plastic surgery is a righteous act.

We almost forgot about her 56 year old maid who she threw out of her house. She claimed to have taken the woman to over 15 different countries and lavished her with money. She also claimed that the woman was witness to the domestic abuse she suffered in the hands of her ex-husband. How weird is it that the same old lady claims she never took her to any country? She said it was Churchill that took them all to Ghana and it was just once. She also swore she never witnessed any domestic violence, on the contrary, Tonto was quick to slap her husband whenever she got upset. She would wreck the house and claw at herself to cause bruises.

So is Tonto a psychopathic liar or just someone in need of intense help? Who knows for sure? But what we do know is that she leads a bad example, one of the worst there is in the entertainment industry in the female category. We can only but wonder what kind of man little King will grow to be with such an unstable mother.

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