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Audio Push – Grits

Audio Push – Grits

A highlight from the duo’s “LAST LIGHTS LEFT” project.

First breaking with “Teach Me How To Jerk” in 2012, Audio Push have been pulled in different directions throughout their career, but their mission statement has never been more clear than it is today. “We decided to call this album the LAST LIGHTS LEFT because that is what we feel like we are to the music industry and sometimes the world,” the group says of their new featureless project. “In a generation where everything is cool to be dark, satanic, killing in every other rap bar, No creativity or originality in the music, fake people [and] fake winning, we just realized we are THE LAST LIGHTS TO SHINE ON THE DARKNESS. This is the start of a new beginning for Audio Push and The Good Vibe Tribe. No Labels. No Boundaries!”

On “Grits,” the duo makes good on their promise and compromises for no one, bringing the nimble multi-syllabic rhymes they’ve become known for. They pair the technical rhymes with a bouncy Juvenile-esque hook that locks into a flute-driven beat, making for a track that fits in with the current wave of rap without breaking from the duo’s core sound.

This marks the third release from Audio Push this year, following the Larry Belafonte-produced compilation The Throwaways and as well as My Turn III, a mixtape where they took on instrumentals from Amine (“Caroline”), Future (“Wicked”), Rae Sremmurd(“By Chance”), and Kanye West (“Fade”).

Listen to LAST LIGHTS LEFT, which features previously released singles “Planet Live Is Earth,” “Window Seat & “God Speed,” here. Watch their video for the project’s track “Stay” below. On the writing of the track, Oktane says, “Too many people split up even when they’re in love and having to experience that myself made me rethink those steps. If you got somebody you love, that you can’t live without, remember what love means, put your pride to the side and stay. Flat out.”

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