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MF Doom ft Jay Electronica – True Lightyears

MF Doom ft Jay Electronica – True Lightyears

Check out the new track from MF DOOM and Jay Electronica called “True Lightyears.”

The onslaught of new DOOM is finally upon us.

As we had previously reported, MF DOOM and Jay Electronica had signed on to team up for a song that would become part of Adult Swim’s Singles series. Eventually, it was discerned that the track would also be part of a 15-week series where the Masked Man himself would be gifting us with some previously unreleased material. The initial single came to us last week, a Sean Price team-up titled “Negus.” Interestingly, that first song is also being included on Price’s posthumous album Imperius Rex as well, which you can check out our review for here.

The new flavor for this week is called “True Lightyears” and, if it sounds like it’s a bit of a trip to listen to, well that’s because it is. The psychedelic beat that features some flute samples that act as accents puts the lyricists in an a spacey, non-human space where they rip some off some really well-crafted rhymes. Jay is up first, getting on some wordy prose before DOOM wades in on the second verse and closes things out in style. It’s quite an experience to hear two emcees go to town over a track that could’ve easily found a home in Ken Kesey’s LSD companion listening collection – if hip-hop had been big back then of course.

“True Lightyears” should continue to have some legs after the Adult Swim hype has died down. It is also the first single from an upcoming album from KMD, which is the group that DOOM first came to fame with when he still used the moniker Zev Love X. During their initial run, the group disbanded after two albums because DOOM’s brother DJ Subroc passed away after being struck by a car. That being said, KMD are on their way back and their forthcoming album will be called Crack In Time, as per NPR, and it will be released by Metalface/Nature Sounds. No hard release date has been confirmed yet.

DOWNLOAD MP3: MF Doom ft Jay Electronica – True Lightyears

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