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Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do

Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do

Just about a week ago, the members of Right Said Fred got a mysterious offer. A “big, contemporary female artist who hasn’t released anything for a while” wanted to interpolate the British duo’s tongue-in-cheek Nineties hit “I’m Too Sexy” into a new song, the group’s Fred Fairbrass recalls.

The duo hedged their bets that the new song wouldn’t upset them and agreed to the blind offer. Just this morning, they heard the finished product for the first time: Taylor Swift’s caustic, bad-girl Reputation single (and apparent Kanye West diss track) “Look What You Made Me Do,” on which she speak-sings the chorus to the same rhythm as “I’m too sexy for my shirt.”

“It’s pretty cool,” Fairbrass says. “I like the cynical aspect of the lyric, because ‘I’m Too Sexy’ is a cynical song, and I think she channeled that quite well.”

“[Taylor’s] lyrics were dark,” says Fairbrass’ brother Richard, who sang “I’m Too Sexy.” “I thought they were dark, slightly moody and aggressive – all the stuff I like.” He laughs.

Right Said Fred wrote the song in 1990 during a particularly sweltering September in West London. It was so hot that when they were recording a song called “Heaven,” Richard went into another room to cool off. “It was really hot so I took my shirt off and I started singing along to the bass line that I could hear, which is, ‘I’m too sexy for my shirt,'” he says. “And we were sitting there laughing, thinking it was very funny.”

“We suddenly thought, ‘We’re not getting far with the song we’re working on,’ so we played around with it and I wrote the ‘I’m a model, you know what I mean’ part, since I’d gone out with some models when we were living in New York,” Fred says. “The Eighties were very hedonistic, so it was a cynical look at the end of the Eighties. So the song was making fun of that.”

Listen below.

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