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(Video) Davido On The Juice

Davido On The Juice

Davido On The Juice

On the first season of The Juice, Davido gave us a glimpse into his rise to success. This season, Toolz gets even more juice on the highs and lows in his journey through super stardom, the viral response to his hit single Skelewu, cars, fashion and of course the ladies.

Enjoy this exclusive inside look into the life of one of Nigeria’s biggest superstars.


He dropped out of school. He only has one tattoo. He’s a divo aka male diva. These are some of the things that have been said about David O since he arrived on the music scene with his break out hits “Back when” and “Dami Duro”. All the above are false by the way. His on-stage persona is energetic, …

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