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(Video) The Weeknd – False Alarm

(Video) The Weeknd – False Alarm

In The Weeknd’s violent new video “False Alarm,” a bank heist goes terribly wrong. 

In the video for “Starboy,” the title track of The Weeknd’s former album, the “new” Weeknd kills the “old” Weeknd and peels off into the night with his pet panther.

In the video for “False Alarm,” the album’s second single, The Weeknd helms a crack team that is attempting to pull of a bank heist. The video is a first-person narrative told from Starboy’s perspective. One by one his teammates are taken down, and the heist soon becomes a struggle to survive. The whole thing is extremely bloody and the parental advisory warning for “explicit content” and “graphic violence” is accurate. Proceed with caution.

DOWNLOAD VIDEO: The Weeknd – False Alarm

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